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Eating well is an essential part of life. Imagine the burnt crimson of a glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape as the setting sun illuminates endless rows of purple lavender, or a traditional array of freshly-caught shellfish served with garlicky aioli on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean coastline, or the simple pleasure of locally-harvested, sun-drenched olives and tomatoes practically bursting with flavor savored alongside local cheeses… these are the innate joys of living the good life. Each region has a distinct soul and much of this is captured by its own unique food culture. There is a simple satisfaction to be discovered that can only be experienced by sourcing the finest ingredients, treated with respect, and enjoyed in the setting where they are grown and cultivated.

We seek to unearth this very soul and reveal it to you through the meals that we might prepare together, visits to local markets, the outstanding chefs who invite us into their restaurants or the delectable wines whose distinctive styles have been passed down through generations.

About Us

We are a boutique bike tour company specializing in gourmet food and wine and incredible cycling

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“The TdF trip through the Pyrenees with GCT was beyond words; it was such a fantastic trip! As a non-cyclist, GCT was the only tour group advertising the non-cyclist version at the time I was planning my trip. After talking to Simon on the phone, I was ready to go! Read More